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New straps and covers for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad arrive

The extra battery case for the iPhone XS can now be purchased in 'sand pink' color, in addition to the traditional black and white.


Apple, where did you have so many surprises hidden?

Cupertino's signature, after announcing the second AirPods generation With wireless charging, it also revealed new accessories for all its portable devices: colorful straps for the Apple Watch, a new color for the case with extra battery for the iPhone and new protections for the iPad Air.

The straps for the Apple Watch are new papaya, mint colors and the finishes for the Nike strap (the plastic with holes for the skin to breathe) have details such as a combination of black and purple or a combination of a green "fog". Apple also launched new "Sport Loop" woven straps in the same papaya, mint and purple colors. These straps cost US $ 50.

Apple added a new color, the "pink sand", to the availability of the case with extra battery for the iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. The pink case is added to the traditional black and white that can be bought for a few weeks; The price remains at US $ 130.

The new iPad models, both the iPad Air Like the iPad mini, they have cases with the colors that Apple is making a trend: papaya orange, mint green and navy blue. These colors also reach covers for the iPhone XS. The covers for the iPad Air and iPhone cost US $ 49; for him iPad mini Its price is US $ 39.

Apple also has other accessories renewed with new colors, launched a Smart Keyboard for the iPad Air and "belts" type belts release colors. You can take a look at the rest of the accessories on the Apple page but take care of those expenses that the Apple product season is just beginning.

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