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Never do the following if you want to increase it


Little battery ?: Never do the following if you want to increase it

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March 14, 2016

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As we have mentioned on other occasions, autonomy is a pending task for designers of tablets and smartphones, but also, an essential feature that can ultimately determine the success or failure of a model and its reception among users. The tactics that today most of the manufacturers are using, come on the one hand of the improvement of the physical batteries with an increase of their capacity, that allows a greater time of use, and on the other hand, the appearance of Fast charging technologies that are gradually consolidating and that allow to fill an important percentage of this component in a reduced amount of time.

Finally, the developers of the operating systems that are present in hundreds of millions of terminals, also try to maximize this parameter by adding improvements that allow optimize both the resources and the management that applications and models require to function properly. However, nothing is eternal and sooner or later, the downloads they are inevitable and many resort to false myths and beliefs to prolong the lives of batteries a little more than in both short and long term, they end up having a negative impact on this characteristic. Here is a list of actions we should not do never if we want to maximize the useful life but also, get scratch a few more moments of use.

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1. Turn off Bluetooth, a myth

The belief that disabling this component is a useful measure to increase autonomy is false. Currently, we use our tablets and smartphones to surf the Internet and be connected practically at all hours. Keeping it activated prevents devices from turning to other types of systems that do use more battery power. In addition, with the new improvements in this type of network such as Bluetooth 4.0 which are being incorporated into the new terminals, further optimize the expense.

2. Close tools

In this sense, we find two facts: On the one hand, we simultaneously execute a large number of apps that end the battery quickly, on the other, we think that at close them, we control more the processes that end up having an impact on autonomy and allow us to extend loads more. However, this is only partially true since, despite closing applications very frequently, they may still remain processes of the same ones that run in background and they continue to consume. In these cases, we can find in a loop: The more we close them, the more they will be executed, therefore, we will disable them again and once again, they will open again.

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3. Beware of applications

If navigation is one of the tasks we do most through our tablets and smartphones, the reproduction of audiovisual content and the games finish completing the podium of more extended uses. We all know that these tools are large consumers and therefore, we must limit their impact in situations that require operating devices as many hours as possible. For this, the most recommended is avoid the applications that turn to streaming to offer content, disable GPS and not take pictures or record videos in HD.

4. No WiFi in …

Although we get the best speeds thanks to data connections and wireless networks, there may be some inconveniences related to the geographical location that have an impact on the coverage and speed that these platforms can offer us. To be in isolated areas or, in places that do not have the maximum speeds with any of these activated elements, it is one of the factors that can end more quickly with the battery. In these cases, the best is dispense with this type of connections when we are in situations that either do not require prolonged use of the Internet or when we are in more remote places.

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5. Optimizers

Finally, we mention this type of applications that, despite being extremely useful in many cases, can also be counterproductive and generate a excessive consumption Of battery. A good remedy to avoid it is by downloading only those that come from prominent developers and not abusing them by frequently activating cleaning programs and closing applications in the background.

As you have seen, just as there are a series of actions that we can carry out to guarantee maximum battery life, there are also others that either based on false myths or, due to the operation of the terminals, can also impair the performance of the devices and, to a greater extent, the amount of resources that are consumed when using them. After knowing some tasks that it is not advisable to perform, do you think that the responsibility lies with the manufacturers and are obliged to manufacture more resistant models, or nevertheless, do you think that users should also do everything in our power to guarantee us the best possible use experience? You have available more related information such as a complete guide with tricks to maximize the autonomy with which you can know all the ins and outs of an essential component in our tablets and smartphones.