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iPoe for iPad, the Collection of the Great Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe He was a true master of the short horror story and some of his best works can be found in this great collection. The iPoe collection has two volumes on the App Store through two applications where we can recreate with the illustrated and set stories that Play Creativity has developed.

On this occasion we crumble the two applications where we can enjoy a total of seven fantastic stories in addition to a complete and simple biography of the teacher Edgar and a route through the places that marked the life of the writer. The application iPoe, Edgar Allan Poe's interactive and illustrated collection has been awarded in New York as the best fiction application at the Publishing Innovation Awards from 2012. It is not surprising that between the two iPoe apps it has been carrying more than 500,000 downloads since it saw the light in the difficult App Store.

iPoe – The interactive and illustrated collection of Edgar Allan Poe

The iPoe application is considered as the interactive book number 1 Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Belize. This magnificent collection of four stories is completely different from an electronic book. All the stories are set with exquisite taste in the art of terror and every time you pass a sheet you will go a little deeper into its history.

In addition to the fantastic atmospheres that you will find in each one of the stories you can interact with the backgrounds and the characters that appear giving it a more terrifying look. The stories you will find in this magnificent collection are: The Oval Story, The Heart Delator, Annabel Lee and The Mask of the Red Death. All stories have been specially chosen and it will cost you to opt for the best.

And now we will comment on the iPoe 2 volume.

iPoe 2 –The Crow, The Black Cat and Other Interactive Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

In the second installment of the saga each story is even better than the previous one and you have them in three languages: Spanish, English and French. The application also contains shortcuts to the most important pages of the iPoe collection for you to discover even more information. Access the buttons on the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account or simply access the store where you can buy all kinds of merchandise from the collection.

iPoe 2 is simply great and continues with three more stories by Edgar Allan Poe: The Crow, The Black Cat and Hop Frog. In addition to the three stories that the application includes you can also enjoy a route where you will know the places that marked the life of the writer. Also You will have the opportunity to browse through a fantastic sketchbook with a collection of sketches that the writer drew. Swipe through some drawings and discover all its color!

iPoe has two applications in the App Store and we can say that both are a real luxury. No wonder how many reviews have been written since this fantastic collection landed on the App Store. The stories of this fantastic writer have been illustrated and set with extraordinary care. Within each story you will find interactive backgrounds that create a special atmosphere. When you start reading you can not stop until you know how each story ends. In addition to the stories you can enjoy with the biography of Edgar Allan Poe and with some of his drawings, which when touched will be painted and come to life.

Both applications are compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and They are reduced to 50% until Sunday April 14. You can't miss them, what are you waiting for to download them?