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iPhone SE returns for sale for 100 dollars less

The bitten apple did not start the year well and its numbers going down so abruptly of course that they would result in the company taking the necessary measures to level off or at least make it seem.

The fact of the price drop on their devices had already been mentioned iPhone specifically for some regions of the globe. Even if it was with a promotion in conjunction with a mobile network operator. I even dare to say that your upcoming streaming project is also part of these financial solution measures.

And well, what ties us right now is the return of the iPhone SE to the sideboards for a price of 249 dollars for its 32 GB version and 299 dollars for the 128 GB version. It becomes Apple's low-end device, so to speak.

The problems Apple is going to face with this attempt is the fact that for that price that despite being cheaper than in the past You can now buy smartphones more powerful in performance and of course in design. At the moment the smartphone is already on sale in the United States. If it works, be sure to get to the stores in Latin America.

What do you think about the return of this 4-inch terminal? For me it really is not worth the investment. Apple should concentrate on the prices of new things that it will launch and not try to sell us a past product at a price that also makes no sense. We read in the comment box.