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Instagram launches the "Happy birthday" sticker for Stories

If there are socially remarkable events, those are the birthdays, and this is why Instagram He has decided to give them the value they deserve. In this case, the social network has launched "Happy Birthday", a sticker focused on Stories With more than one surprise.

Throughout the lines that make up this article we will explain where to locate and how to use this "Happy Birthday" sticker, and its surprises.

Instagram automatically saves the post if you press 3 times?

Let's start at the beginning, and to get this sticker, we must update Instagram to the latest version. It is possible, that the days pass and the "Happy Birthday" sticker does not appear, be a matter of giving Instagram time.

  1. Returning to the sticker, and understanding that we have already updated the app, We must enter our Stories and create a new one.
  2. In the bottom, we slide to the "Create" option.
  3. Then, we slide the wheel from right to left until you see the "Happy Birthday" sticker (heart icon).

Image - Instagram launches the sticker

  1. Once we have located the sticker, click on it and ask us write the user of that friend who turns today.
  2. Automatically all Stories appear, or the great majority of them, where we have labeled that user.

Image - Instagram launches the sticker

  1. Yes click on the "+" icon, a tab with all the Stories slips up and we can select which one we want to share again to celebrate its birthday.

Image - Instagram launches the sticker

  1. Here we have to select several Stories with a maximum of 10, or just select 1.
  2. Once we have everything selected, we lowered the pestaa, we add what we want as letters, GIFs, icons, hashtags, change the background color, etc. and We publish normally.

Image - Instagram launches the sticker

  1. He or the birthday girl, receive a notification where you are informed that we have tagged you in an Instagram story.

Now we are going to tell what other surprises this sticker hides, and if we look at the top of the stories (before creating and publishing it), we see some dices.

Image - Instagram launches the sticker

If we click on them, the sticker sign changes and Instagram proposes say thank you, celebrate an anniversary, a Happy Birthday, or just mention a friend and write what we want.

Image - Instagram launches the sticker

Ace of simple, and with only 3 touches and a sticker, we will give a "Happy Birthday" (or any other option) to our friend in the Stories, also, the peculiar way it has Instagram To celebrate that day is to remember the stories where we were both protagonists.