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How to download videos from YouTube on a Mac

If it turns out that you have to make a long trip by car or plane and want to have YouTube content stored on your mobile device or Mac computer to play them in mode offline, you should know that there are programs that facilitate downloading and management.

Before starting, it should be noted that you should take into account copyright issues. So, you should not download another person’s video and then, for example, upload it to your own YouTube channel or use it to promote your business.

You should also keep in mind that downloading YouTube videos is against the YouTube service terms of service. The company makes this aspect clear.

Next, we will see some solutions to download videos from YouTube to your Mac, regardless of the version of your computer's operating system or the type of Mac computer you use.

YouTube Premium

  • 1 month free. Then, 11.99 per month
  • buy on Youtube

As you probably know, YouTube offers its own service streaming known as YouTube Premium, which allows you to download videos from YouTube. This service has a monthly price of 11.99 per month.

What advantages does YouTube Premium offer? Well, in addition to being able to download videos of any kind, you can also avoid ads, listen to YouTube Music Premium (and Google Play Music). And you can see YouTube originals, which include movies and series that are only available in the subscription payment service.

However, if you expected to be able to download the video and store it on your Mac, you would feel somewhat frustrated since YouTube Premium only allows subscribers to download videos and music on mobile devices, and only be available to watch it in offline mode for 30 days.

So, this will be the most legitimate way to download videos from YouTube. But if you don't want to pay 143.88 a year, there are other alternative solutions, some free and some paid. Let's see them thoroughly.

The best Youtube video download program for Mac

There are many tools that offer the ability to save YouTube videos on a Mac. Some of these options are free, while others are paid. According to our experience, free ones are usually more problematic to use and carry certain dangers.

For example, if you see a warning that you need to install Flash for the handling of videos, it could really be a scam or, in the worst case, malware that tries to spy on you or take control of your computer.

Fortunately there are a couple of ways you can download YouTube videos for free with the software that comes with your Mac. And surprisingly, you won't need to download an application.

MacOS Mojave: Command + Shift + 5

  • Free
  • Get macOS Mojave

You may not know that macOS Mojave has its own built-in screen recording function and, as part of the operating system, it is free to use and will not cost you anything.

This could be a solution for you if you don't really need the audio because you don't record the sound or because you are only interested in the images.