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HearthStone will be updated with the expansion Journey to Un'Goro

One of the card games with more international projection, HearthStone, will be updated with the new expansion Trip to Un?Goro.

A few weeks ago we told you that Blizzard, the developer of HearthStone, had announced important changes to the game. Its goal, as always, keep it competitive and fun and make more and more users play without losing the old ones. Difficult challenge.

In addition to the measures they took they announced that this year 2017 would be the first in which there would be three complete expansions, with more than 100 cards, instead of interspersing them with adventures with wings, or phases, closed. Well, we have the first one.

HearthStone is updated with the Journey to Un'Goro expansion

Journey to Un?Goro, HearthStone's first expansion in 2017

The new cards will be 135, which, however, we will know little by little before. Specifically on March 17 we will have many more details.

One of the novelties is the inclusion of a new kind of creature, the type Elementary. This will open the door to new synergies, just as we have them in Murlocs, Dragons, Pirates and Beasts.

Along with that new guy we also have a new skill, called Adapt. This new feature will allow us to adapt a minion that has it at the time of combat in which we invoke it. For that, three options will appear, out of a total of ten, and we will have to choose one. It is similar to what we do now with the Discover ability only that in this case it is an improvement on the creature.


Finally we have a new type of letter that joins the current ones, the Missions, a kind of legendary spells. This game within the game allows us to reach specific goals and get rewards for it. It is a rather curious change that changes the mechanics of the game. Similar to the Secrets, but the opponent will be able to see how the progress of our Mission is going and how close we are to complete it and they are cards that will always begin in our hand.

First unveiled cards

First unveiled cards

Two letters have been shown that will be part of the new collection. One is a spell of the Shaman class, of which we call Area, since they serve to "clean" the table of minions. Is called Volcano and deals 15 damage points randomly among all creatures. Eye, yours too.

Another is the Long green neck, a Beast-like creature of the Druid class, which has the new adaptation feature. We can improve it in different ways.

First unveiled cards

The last one is one of the new missions, specifically of the Priest class. Is called Wake up the creators and after playing it we will have to invoke seven minions with Last Breath. If we do, a new creature called will appear in our hand Amara, Watcher of Hope, which will allow us to put the health of our hero at 40 points instead of the normal 30, always after playing it.



This new expansion will be launched at the beginning of April, so we have more than a month to accumulate gold in our games and be able to exchange them for envelopes, since not having the new cards in a goal (competitive environment) will cause We are at a disadvantage.

Obviously we can always buy envelopes with real money, but HearthStone has always balanced this quite well.