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Hearthstone: Dragon Mage Control Deck List Guide – Descent of Dragons – Hearthstone (December 2019)

Our guide from the list of Decks Control Dragon Mage presents the best deck list for Season 69 of Descent of Dragons (December 2019). Our Dragon Mage Control guide also contains Mulligan tips, card combos and strategy tips.

Control Mage is a Hearthstone deck that has played an important role in the goal since the first days of the game's beta period. However, over the years, the list has lost many of its strongest cards. With the launch of Descent of Dragons, we have not seen a great success for Control Mage, but it has been given a very attractive Dragon package, such is the issue of expansion.

Although it looks very different compared to its original incarnation, the way it is played is still very similar to the usual. It is a complicated deck if you have not played something similar before, but it can be very rewarding once you have acclimated to the levels of patience needed to pilot this deck effectively. You also need a little courage to ride things in the long game, where your strengths are in abundance.

List of control and strategy decks

Below is the list of Mage Control decks that shows the most game at the beginning of the Saviors of Uldum expansion cycle. Check the updates again, we will be attentive to any changes!

2 x Arcane Breath 2 x Firetree Witchdoctor
1 x Khadgar 2 x Scalerider
2 x Arcane Intellect 1 x Frizz Kindleroost
2 x Magician's Call 2 x Scale Worm
2 x Azure Explorer 2 x Twilight Drake
1 x Malygos, aspect of magic 2 x Big Ol 'Whelp
1 x Kalecgos 1 x Scorcher Faucedraco
1 x Zilliax
2 x Khartut defender
1 x Crowd Toaster
1 x Alexstrasza
2 x Mountain giant

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Cover import ID: AAECAf0ECMUEoIAD7IkD6JQDlpoDip4DiLAD4bYDC6sE4QeNCInxAuiJA4OWA6GhA / WsA / qsA + ewA4exAwA =

Ms Mage's great guides:

General strategy

As Control Mage, your game plan is to stop your opponent and steal cards until your victory conditions finally appear. The freezing effects are also here, offering a quick, albeit temporary, exit from a traffic jam. I want to use them wisely, since once they leave there isn't much between Jaina's face and a horde of enemy minions.

Your goal is to stop as much as possible until your big plays come in and continue eliminating any support points your opponent has in the game. If you run out of resources before t, then you have won. There is also the potential to win a victory if you end up with a little presence on the board, falling Alexstrasza immediately puts the health of the opponent at 15, which sometimes allows a rapid lethality.

Early game: Put, put, put. Usually, you want to try to draw some letters with Arcane Intellect and play minions and spells to help you survive, like Scalerider for a little immediate damage or Firetree Witchdoctor for you to discover something useful.

Half of the game:Frizz Kindleroost and Khartut Defenders are sound plays in the middle of the game to increase the tempo potential and slow down your opponent. Get some dragons on the board and you will be in good position, taking the rhythm and keeping your deck by bicycle. If you start drawing dragons with a discount of Frizz Kindleroost, play and choose your Malygos, aspect of magic spell carefully.

Late game: When you recover your composure and stabilize, you can begin to be more aggressive. Alexstrasza It can reduce your opponent's health to only 15, potentially offering an imminent lethal unless they can deal with it. Mountain giants and Kalecgos These are great ideas to kill enemies, and if you are lucky, you will not be able to stop this last push of pressure. your Crowd Toaster and Scale Worm You can eliminate enemies, leaving the enemy open to the blows of your board pressure.

Aggro opponents

Here are some important tips to help you improve aggro decks:

  • 1. Want to be reactive against aggro decks in the early game.
  • two) Scalerider, Scale Worm and Arcane Breath It can slow down your enemy's early tempo for a low man cost.
  • 3) Scorcher Faucedraco Deal 1 damage to the entire board of minions, allowing you to eliminate a whole lot at once.

Control opponents

These tips will ensure you find a victory against other control decks:

  • 1) Magician's Call along with mountain giants and Khadgar It guarantees a huge board for your enemies to handle.
  • two) Alexstrasza puts the health of a hero at 15, which against most of the control decks is equivalent to cutting the total of his life in half.
  • 3. You should be under less pressure at the beginning of the game, so try to play Arcane Intellect and Frizz Kindleroost as soon as possible you can set it excellently for later.

Mage Mulligan Control Guide

The opening hand that you will often look for: