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Google doodles reach Pixel phones to brighten the day a little


The search bar of launcherPixel now with doodle.

Screenshot by Juan Garzon / CNET

Google doodles expand their reach and reach the search bar of thelauncher of Pixel phones.

Google uses its doodles to brighten, communicate and celebrate different events through its website, but little by little they have expanded. First they became part of Google Now (now Google Feed) and more recently to the main cell phone screen such as the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

The doodle that appears on these phones is an animation when you return to the Home screen where a flower appears in the Google search bar and gives a green tone to the Google "G" to represent the arrival of spring .

This doodle is not available everywhere in the world, because not everywhere it is spring. In addition, the animation is not continuous, but only appears three times and then disappears until you return to the Home screen.

In order to see these doodles it is necessary to have the latest version of the Google app and have the option to show effects in the search bar preferences of the launcherof Pixel phones. Likewise, if you want this animation not to appear, you can also deactivate it.

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