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Gang of elves, the new Clash Royale card. I put it in my deck?

We have a new card in Clash Royale! Is called Elf Gang And he wants to be in your deck. Six elves for 3 of elixir, do we put it in the mallet or not?

This Friday ends the long wait of two weeks to enjoy the new letter of Clash Royale, although it really is not a new card since it is composed of two existing cards that combined have a lower elixir cost.

The elves with spear cost 2 drops of elixir and we put in the sand 3 elves, the same 3 normal elves (or navajeros as I like to call them) that also cost 2 of elixir. The elf gang combines these two cards, for 3 of elixir you will hit 6 elves at once (3 elves with spear and 3 normal elves).

Do I put the Elf Gang in my deck?

Elf Gang

The new card is a common card so according to the Arena you are you will have to have it at a more than decent level, for example in my case being in legendary Arena the minimum level that I would have to have to have them in the deck would be 12. To get to this level I will have to spend a lot of gold and be lucky that I get the cards in Many chests.

Why do i say this? Basically why if you have it at a low level your opponent will destroy you the card for which you have spent 3 of elixir with a zapeo, which costs 2. To be profitable you will have to have at least the card at the same level as your opponent's zap.

If you like to play with a fast deck, the Goblin Gang will be a good option both to defend and to attack once your opponent has spent a card to defend. For example, it would be a good idea to have several cards of elves or minions so that the opponent spends the arrows, the zap or the fireball and quickly reach the tower with the gang where they will do a lot of damage.

Decks with Elf Gang

Gavel with elf gang

We are going to review some decks where you could put the leprechaun gang as long as, as we said before, you have it at a decent level.

As you can see in the mallet of the image there is the gang of elves, I will give you several options to integrate it and why. In this deck I have integrated some of the cards that will counter the gang of goblins in case your opponent has also decided to put it on, such as the download, the trunk, the Valkyrie or the goblin throwers.

It's about a mallet very fast, with an average elixir cost of 2.6 that we would maintain if we made the following changes: we left out the two cards of elves and put the gang, the other letter would be the skeletons that cost only 1 drop of elixir. In this way we will have an annoying mallet with which we will attack with the barrel of elves mainly and with the gang when our rival has exhausted his defense cards.

Another option would be to change the two leprechaun cards for the gang and integrate a giant type tank or P.E.K.K.A., in this way we could go on the attack accumulating units behind the tank that would do a lot of damage to the opponent while trying to defend.

Letters that counter the Gang of Elves

Valkyrie Clash Royale

For the same cost of elixir the arrows they will be in charge of finishing with the 6 elves, for one more elixir you will have a somewhat hard solution using the ball of fire, although for extreme solution the rocket and its 6 cost of elixir.

The Valkyrie It will surely be the card you don't want to see or in painting if you have the new card in your deck, you can eliminate the entire gang in one turn if you have it one level above and place it right in the center. It will hardly suffer damage, it costs 4 to elixir but you will have it almost intact to go to the attack.

He goblin throwers He will be able to help you eliminate units from the gang but he will suffer with spears, he will surely leave some elves alive and you will lose in the elixir exchange even if both cards cost the same. Be careful also with the poison or tornado that will weaken all the goblins and cost 4 and 3 to elixir respectively.

If you have any legendary card you can also counter with the log and just like if you use the download you will win in the exchange of elixir. You can also counter the gang with the electric wizard although you will have to use it with caution since when it enters the sand it does exactly the same as the discharge but if you place it near the gang they can end up relatively quickly surrounding it.

With this new letter they are already 70 available in Clash Royale, from Supercell announced that they will not stop bringing news in the game so it is expected that soon they will add new cards, change the balance of the game and even incorporate a new arena. For now we will have to get used to playing with the cards we have.