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Gaming Skylake, the new range of MSI gaming laptops

MSI is the first manufacturer in the gaming market to launch laptops of the 6th Generation of Intel Skylake Core i7 processors for gamers professionals. The Skylake platform, which is the name of the new 14nm microarchitecture of the latest Intel processors, requires lower energy consumption while offering higher performance than previous generations.

The Core i7 6700HQ is 10% faster than the i7 4720HQ under medium use and the i7 6820HK CPU performance is increased up to 30% under overclocking compared to the i7 4720HQ. In addition, the GT72 with i7-6820HK supports overclocking up to 4GHz.

MSI has not only introduced improved exclusive technologies of its own brand but has also launched new and powerful features which will be included in the new gaming laptops to develop full power in the computational performance of this new Intel Skylake platform.

ESS SABER HiFi Audio DAC is the advanced solution that offers authentic sound effects. After meeting all the wishes of the gamers, MSI continued determined to work with ESS to demonstrate to the gamers audio quality without loss and pure.

MSI is the undisputed leader in the gaming industry and we are excited to collaborate with them in their reference notebook series, said Dan Christman, ESS Chief Marketing Officer at ESS. The gaming industry has always taken the lead in advanced technologies and we are delighted to see this recognition for the amazing capabilities of our SABER products. ?

SABER HiFi with the best DAC ESS offers a 24bit / 192kbps sampling rate, which supports High Resolution Audio and offers superior audio quality through compressed audio formats, even with normal headphones. One of the most popular Hi-Res Audio formats is FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

The new silver line design on the SteelSeries keyboard keys improves top-of-the-line printing. The MSI Super RAID 4 technology is based on two M.2 (NVMe) PCI-E Gen3 SSDs under RAID0, bringing read speeds up to 3300MB / s. Killer Shield, a new member in the Killer family, ensures smoother ups and downs. Nahimic Audio Enhancer creates directional sound effects at the same time that True Color Technology offers higher image detail quality for true professional gamers. On the other hand, after upgrading the operating system to Windows 10, MSI fans can directly enjoy the extreme gaming effects of DirectX 12.

Gaming Skylake: Design and ms

Also, the last MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G has been designed to dominate the cyber world. The design of the metal cover is inspired by the super black matte cars, adding a high-end touch. It incorporates NVIDIA G-SYNCTM technology and offers a supreme visual experience avoiding lags, minimizing eye strain and SPPS shutter. There is no doubt that the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G will dominate the gaming notebook market again.

The new GS70 Stealth / GS60 Ghost Series They come with an ultra-thin design with the entire metal surface. These two series are the ideal choices for gamers who don't want to compromise anything. MSI engineers redesigned every detail to break down the compromise between portability and performance. The GS70 Stealth / GS60 Ghost series will win the hearts of professional gamers.

The new GE62 / 72 Apache Pro series are specifically designed for gamers who demand performance, portability and the best gaming experience of an all-in-one computer. There are mergers of the best CPU and GPU in terms of computing performance and the most sought-after MSI technologies, offering supreme gaming experiences in every aspect, in addition to a thin and light chassis. The GE62 / 72 Apache Pro Series unlock the true power of each component to conquer the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

As a pioneer in the notebook industry, MSI is the first manufacturer in the world to offer Intel Broadwell and the latest Skylake platform at the same time. MSI is dedicated to transforming its Gaming DNA into exclusive MSI technologies to create innovative performance and an advanced gaming experience for MSI fans.

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