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Facebook now lets you talk to the ads on WhatsApp

That the integration between Facebook and WhatsApp was going to be much greater than what we had so far was quite clear. The creators of the application went for the disagreements with Mark Zuckerberg, something similar to what has happened now with those of Instagram.

Instagram founders leave Facebook for disagreements with Zuckerberg

One of the most relevant changes we saw was the one that was intended create ads on the social network that were used to open conversations with companies on WhatsApp, interconnecting the two platforms.

Now that option has arrived for companies since Facebook has activated the possibility to create WhatsApp profiles for business with whom to buy this type of ads.

A more direct action

The business manager who have professional profiles on Facebook, which allows them to buy ads and segment among the public they are intended for, has won a new option.

With it you can create a WhatsApp account with which to create ads so that when a user of the social network clicks on it, his WhatsApp application is opened (if he has it installed) and he can speak directly with the company that placed the advertisement, for example to make a purchase.

A dangerous movement

Facebook ads are integrated with WhatsApp on your mobile

It remains to be seen if the users of the two applications understand the movement involved in this. Many people have a very particular and closed perception of WhatsApp although other people see it as a more open communication tool, such as Instagram or Twitter.

We will have to wait for these options to reach all companies and start seeing many ads of this type to check the response of users, if they get used or if they see this as an invasion (one more) of Facebook.