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Eliminate annoying Samsung mobile alerts with this app

Samsung's custom layer is very particular, it's not something we're going to discover now. Criticized and demonized by a large part of Android lovers and praised by the vast majority of its users, Samsung Experience It incorporates a good amount of additions to the system with which to expand the experience. And it includes some options that can be annoying.

If you raise the brightness above a limit, a message pops up warning you that it can be dangerous, just like the volume. While caution is not bad, being constantly reading the same alerts gets annoying; hence we find the application that we are going to recommend very practical: Samfix.

With Samfix You will have a tool that allows you to fix some of the discomforts of Samsung phones. It is in development and does not yet have too many functions, but those that exist are already quite useful. It is simple to use and has a drawback: you will need ADB and the sending of a command to activate it. Or be ROOT, something that can be very risky.

Activate Samfix by ADB and tune your Samsung mobile to suit your taste

The idea behind this application, published in XDA Developers, is to replace the absence of the Android interface modifier, the so-called System UI. Since Samsung does not include it natively, the developer behind Samfix, Dharma Poudel, has created a set of settings that is aimed at modify Samsung Experience.

This version of the app, at the moment in beta, allows you to eliminate the message of excess brightness, that of excess volume, enables more stretches of the scale of animations and includes the option of applying a black and white mode. As we said, this is only the beginning since Samfix will evolve.

First things first: you need have active USB and ADB debugging running in the computer. As it is an advanced process it is best that you do it if you already have experience modifying Android. Samfix It does not cause cell phone failures, but you must assume that something could happen to you.

  • Install ADB on your computer following this tutorial.
  • Go to your Samsung mobile settings, go to «About of the phone", after in "Software Information»And press ten times on«Build Number«. You will activate developer mode.
  • Exit to Android settings and enter «Developer Options«.
  • Search "USB debugging»And activate it.
  • Connect the mobile to the computer via USB and keep the screen on.
  • Open a terminal window on your computer (type CMD in the search window) and type "adb devices". Make sure ADB detects your Samsung.
  • Copy and paste the following command, without the quotes: «adb shell pm grant com.dharmapoudel.samfix android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS». Click on accept.
  • If everything went well, and you have not thrown any error, you already have Samfix active.

After the entire preparation process, it is time to open Samfix and try everything it offers. At the moment there are only 4 options, something that will change as the application evolves. The potential is enormous since, once access to the system has been achieved using ADB, the application can open the door to a wide range of settings. We will continue its development.

The application Only suitable for Samsung phones. We have been testing it on our phones and it works correctly, but it could be that not all current models were compatible. Install it with caution: just click on the following link, click on XDA Developers with your account and download the Apk.