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Cars, neons and excellent electronic music star Beat Racer

A new very simple and addictive driving game arrives at the Google Play Store. Beat racer It stands out above all for its successful setting.

Possibly the type of games that I enjoy most in mobile is driving. Of course, I must admit that I am much more in favor of arcade titles than simulation.

Within this category there are well-known proposals such as the Asphalt saga, which will give us good graphics and many vehicle models in really successful scenarios. But there are more proposals, minimalist, with touches of fantasy that are also enjoyed, and much. One of the last ones I've been hooked on is called Beat racer.

This game has been number one in a curious category in South Korea and Japan, the musical games, something that causes anger there.

Cars, neons and electronic music in Beat Racer

Musical and visual atmosphere

The first thing that catches the attention of this title is its aesthetic, which seems very inspired by the film Tron, with blue and violet colors, always fluorescent, in very dark backgrounds.

This similarity is accentuated by the trails left behind by the driving of our vehicle, which we must recognize is very simple. A gesture to the right or left will move the car to those sides; one forward will make him jump and one back will shoot at the enemies trying to ram us from the rear.

All this we must do while dodging the obstacles on the road, we collect the different bright elements that appear to improve our car and listen to the music, which will end just at the end of each phase. We can see the progress of each one in the lower area through a bar that is filled.

Cars, neons and electronic music in Beat Racer

Yes, it is not an accompanying melody, but rather quite elaborate lyrics and songs that even give the game its name.

This proposal is free Although it has advertising between departure and departure and also purchases within the application, normal these days.