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best of all for your iPhone

The Apple iPhone 6 has a lot on offer, either in terms of software (iOS 8, Apple Pay and Healthbook) or hardware (larger form factor). But, surely it is true, that the entire iPhone experience is incomplete without applications. It is the applications that define your iPhone experience. Basically, if you don't have applications, you can only experience half the joy of having an iPhone.

Therefore, we have created just for you, a list of iPhone 6 applications that will create a complete iPhone 6 experience for you. These applications will allow you to have fun, be creative, be productive, secure your iPhone and do much more.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the 15 best applications for iPhone 6:

1. Better application of social networks

umm, how do we make a decision between Facebook, Twitter, Tweetbot, Google Plus and much more? Well, simple: let's see how our experience in social networks improves.

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By excellence, the best part of having an iPhone is to show your clicks on Facebook and other social networks. Instagram allows you not only to click, but to improve your clicks, with retro effects, frames and much more. The application, which has been recently updated for iPhone, offers more than usual things. You can also edit and create videos now. Simply click and share with the world.

2. Better security application

After the strong investment you put on your iPhone, you don't want anything to happen to it. But, be careful, there are prying eyes around and a minute of carelessness can cost you a lot.

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Find my iphone

This world-famous application, which in the past, not only allowed people to find their iPhone, but also led to police raids on drug homes, remains one of the best security applications for iPhone 6. This application It has tracked numerous stolen or lost iPhones and you just don't want to miss the opportunity to protect your iPhone.

3. Better backup application

You need to back up your data, right? You can't risk losing those precious clicks or even work with related files on your iPhone. You have to back it up.

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DropBox is, and will remain for a longer time, the best backup application in the world. The application has been updated with a new carousel function that allows you to make an automatic backup of your photos and videos. Not only that, it allows you to share your files with the world, without giving them access to your account. You can share things without submitting your account details.