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an Eevee evolves to the new Espeon and Umbreon

With this trick you will evolve an Eevee to the new Umbreon and Espeon. No need for extra items: just changing the name of the original Pokémon.

Last year Pokémon GO caused a real sensation. In The Free Android we talk a lot about him, it's true, but everyone only had eyes for Pokémon actually augmented. News, guides and tricks, this was the most sought after. Especially tricks, that the game treasured a few. Also now with the latest expansion.

Evolve Eevee however you want according to the name you give it

Pokémon GO trick: how to evolve an Eevee to the new Espeon and Umbreon

Eevee is a Pokémon that has many evolutions without following a specific line, as with other creatures. In console video games an object is needed to get Eevee to change to one or another Pokémon, but in Pokémon GO this evolution has always been random. With nuances

One of the tricks the game had was that we could force the evolution of Eevee by changing the name. In this way it was easy to get Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon: it was enough to write a code name to assign an evolution. Mind you: it only worked the first time. Although still working, also with the new developments introduced.

Pokémon GO trick: how to evolve an Eevee to the new Espeon and Umbreon

Do you want to get to Espeon and Umbreon without having to capture them? Prepare your Eevee and change its name to "Sakura" for the first and "Tamao" for the second. It's that easy: if you have the necessary candies, and a couple of free Eevees in the Pokédex, you will get Espeon and Umbreon. The complete list would look like this:

  • Sakura -> Espeon.
  • Tamao -> Umbreon.
  • Sparky -> Jolteon.
  • Rainer -> Vaporeon.
  • Pyro -> Flareon.

It is important to write the names as is, with its first capital letter and no spaces at the end. It only works once with each evolution: then all Eevee evolutions will be random.