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A promising project to adopt pets, as is the Animalia app

Social networks are told that they have served to polarize society, to increase the reach of the most toxic people and to give a loudspeaker to people who, let's face it, don't deserve it.

But not everything is bad. Recently, using Twitter, I came to a publication of a Valencian developer who had been happy to try to help people adopt pets instead of buying them.

In the tweet he commented that he was developing an application to put animal protectors in contact with the people they want to adopt.

Viralizing an idea

What has caught my attention the most is how quickly the idea has gone viral on Twitter. Dozens of people have installed the application and have given ideas and advice to its developer, who has been very involved and seeks to improve it by applying the modifications he sees most convenient.

You can read it yourself:

We speak with Sergio Bellido

Sergio is the developer of this project. We talked to him to find out how he came up with the idea. «It emerged as a presentation of the end of degree project in my studies, I could not think of what to do and then I entered on Twitter. There I saw the reality of each day again and it is that there are thousands of animals abandoned daily, and from my own experience I know that the protectors do not give more of themselves, they are overflowed»He told us. He saw that he could use his knowledge to lend a hand

What I did not expect was the impact on this social network: «I put the tweet to listen to people's opinions and see how it could be improved, that people could fiddle the beta phase a bit and see if they found any error, but I never imagined the welcome it has had, I'm really excited, see to so many people supporting your cause and your project is something indescribable«.

Now it is raised as a top priority «vent the protectors and help all the animals to find that family they deserve, that they love and that they never abandon«, Although it does not consider turning it into something big since it is an altruistic project, it does not want«get any benefit with this app, I have my own programmer job that already feeds me and is enough«.

How is Animalia

At the moment the application is in beta phase since to start you need the protectors to get involved and use the platform to register the animals they are receiving.

That way users can navigate in the main menu of the app and know more about each of the dogs, cats and other pets that are slowly being registered.

We can filter the results based on the type of animal, size, sex and even color, if we are looking for a very specific type of animal to adopt.

Once we have one selected, we will be able to contact the protector in the button dedicated to it, which will open the phone app so that we can call directly, providing Animalia with the number to contact.

A project that needs help

The main reason of the article was not to analyze this application since it is still in its early stages of development, but to show how a simple and at the same time great idea can be improved with the selfless support of many people who see their goal as something laudable. And they want to be part of them.

If you know animal protectors or collaborate in any contact the developer in the email that he provides in the application to try to encourage the adoption of as many pets as possible.

If you want to try the application you can download it at no cost from the Google Play Store: