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A new Spanish game, Planet Tower, an endless 3D runner

A new proposal of endless game comes from Spain, Planet tower, a casual game with a casual and fresh aesthetic.

When we try a game we seek to have fun. Sometimes that is achieved with impressive graphics and sometimes with a sense of humor.

In the same way, when we play, we sometimes look for a whole afternoon in front of the computer, mobile or tablet, but on other occasions, what we want is to play a game that does not take us long, we want a casual game.

If this last case is ours Planet Tower It is a new proposal that comes to us from Spain.

An endless Spanish 3D runner, Planet Tower

Endless game climbing a tower

Games without an end are quite common in smartphones but we had not seen any in which we had to go up a tower instead of running horizontally.

Planet Tower puts us in the shoes of Nomte, a funny character who has to advance his way up the tower bypassing many unforeseen events. Many. We will have fire, wooden blocks that push us, spikes on the ground and platforms that will throw us through the air.

An endless Spanish 3D runner, Planet Tower

To control it we will have three options. By default the character advances alone and if we slide to the left we will slow it down, if we do it to the right we will accelerate it and if we do it up we will jump.

It is important to note that it is intended to be used with one hand, with what we can't jump and accelerate at the same time. When the trick is caught it is simple but I have thrown myself a few times through a hole before I realize it.

We will have some artifacts that we can buy with the pearls we collect along the way. These inventions will help us if we fall into the fire or by a precipice. We have shoes, a propeller, a parachute …

This simple and fresh proposal is available for free in the Google Play Store although it contains advertising and some purchases integrated into the application.

Thanks to the first one, for example, we can continue where they killed us instead of starting over just watching a video.