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2 methods to download free paid apps on iPhone or iPad

The App Store and iTunes platforms are full of free applications: social networks like Facebook or Instagram, messenger apps like WhatsApp, photo editors or some of the best video games for iPhone and iPad.

However, surely you often find that the app that you know is going to make your life easier has a cost. What can you do if you are not willing to pay the price to download it?

In this article, you will find two very easy and fast methods to be able to install an app that is usually paid for free on your Apple device. Best of all, you can do it completely legally and without having to do a jailbreak.

Method 1. Check which apps are free or on offer

The App Store is full of applications of all kinds. IOS users will know that sometimes this can make it difficult to find what you are looking for and also makes developers have great competition.

That is precisely why app creators are constantly looking for new ways to make their programs more visible to the public, such as through offers or price reductions.

There are certain applications or web pages that you can consult to know these promotions and thus take full advantage of the fact that paid apps are free for a limited period of time.

AppZapp. The AppZapp It is surely the best app for these types of offers. You will quickly get acquainted with an interface designed to find out what apps are on offer and what apps are now free in an easy and organized way.

You can customize the different lists so that only those apps that interest you appear, those apps that you have downloaded on your iPad, iPhone or Mac or only those that are currently free.

You can also see the score that other users have given an application and know whether or not it is worth downloading. This feature is one of the big differences with other similar apps, which do not always include ratings and reviews.

AppShopper. The web page AppShopper It allows you to find apps that have decreased their price. You can also see the latest in iTunes in lists that are updated periodically and the 200 most downloaded apps.

Magic Free App. With the app Magic Free App, you can take advantage of a similar service, although our experience is not as positive as with other applications. Remember that with this app and other you may have to pay for certain benefits.

Method 2. Check the This Weekend Only section of iTunes

Every week, Apple chooses at least one outstanding weekend app, which you can find on the official iTunes page or in the App Store of your iPhone or iPad. This section is now called This Weekend Only and replaces the original Free App of the Week.

It is a good way to get a free application that usually costs money. What apps you see in that section is determined by your preferences and the programs you already have downloaded on your device.