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We tell you in detail how to delete a page in Word

There are many excellent alternatives, but Microsoft Word is still one of the best and most popular text editors in the market. In this sense, whether you are a fan of the app or a new user, knowing how to delete a page in Word can save you a lot of time and hassle. If you want to quickly remove a blank page at the end of a document, or if you need to delete a page of unnecessary content in the middle, knowing how to do it easily will be very useful. We show you how to delete a page in Word.

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Step 1: select the page you want to delete

The first step in removing a page is to make sure it is selected. Scroll to the page in question or use the function Go to ( Ctrl + G. O CMD + G if you use a Mac).

When you have located the page, click or tap anywhere to select it.

Step 2: select the entire page

It may seem that you have already done this step, but this part is necessary for Word to know that you want to delete the entire page, not just part of the content it contains. Open the function Go to (Ctrl + Gor CMD + G if you use a Mac) and type page in the frame Enter page number. Then select Go to, followed by To close.

how to delete a page in Word

Step 3: delete the page

Microsoft Word does not have a dedicated page removal tool, but now that we have selected the entire page, we can easily delete it. Verify that you have selected the entire page you wish to delete and then press the key Remove.

How to delete a blank page in Word

Most text editors, including Word, have a habit of creating blank pages at the end of your document, and seemingly for no reason. Deleting them before sending the document to your boss or printing it can be a good idea. To make the process as fast as possible, there are a couple of fast methods you can use.

Step 1: To find the blank pages, we will open the Navigation Panel. You can do it by selecting View in the top menu and then making sure that the box Navigation Panel It is marked. This should open a new column on the left side that shows all pages of your document. If not, be sure to select the tab Pages in l.

how to delete a page in word pagedelete04 768x768

Step 2: Scroll through the list to find the blank pages you want to delete. Select it and double click or press to go directly to it.

Step 3: Press Ctrl + Shift + 8 (or if you use Mac, CMD + 8) to show the prrafo markers that created the blank page at first.

Step 4: click and drag to select all prfo marks and press the key Remove to remove them as well as the blank page. Alternatively, if you only have a few paragraph marks and want to move them to the last page, you can select them all and change the font size by returning to the tab Start in the top bar and typing "1?In the font size box, then press Get in.

how to delete a page in word pagedelete05 768x768

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