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Watch episode 2 of Loadout: the Call of Duty weapon that became a meme

Watch episode 2 of Loadout: the Call of Duty weapon that became a meme – TecNoticias, your information portal

Whether it's video games, movies or TV shows, entertainment is full of iconic war tools, and many of the stories we love are defined by them; Pulse Rifle is synonymous with the Aliens franchise; The mystic and effortless calm of the Nameless Man is reinforced by the revolver he throws in the blink of an eye; and the sound of an Intervention bullet that hits an enemy immediately evokes nostalgia flavored with Call of Duty.

These weapons are the focus of Loadout, a new show that identifies some of the most influential armaments of pop culture and explores them in depth. Each week, host Dave Jewitt tackles a different weapon, delves into its origins, examines how it has been used and exposes the impact it has had on pop culture.

In Episode 1, Loadout takes over the revolver, a legendary weapon that has been present from the earliest days of cinema to the current era of video games. Why is it so popular? For Episode 2, Dave takes a look at The Intervention, a weapon with which Call of Duty players will be intimately familiar and, given its status as possibly the most memerable video game weapon, you can know even if you haven't played it. The series of shots.

The new Loadout episodes will air every Saturday and you can find them on the GameSpot YouTube channel; Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode.

Episode 2: The Intervention

Episode 1: Revlveres

Source: GameSpot

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