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Utopa seeks to create a & # 039; self-regulated society & # 039; with P2P ecosystem and removable cryptocurrency

The vitality of the Internet is such that any reference to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, first published in 1943, today generally comes with a Wi-Fi joke reference. In fact, you will not be reading this article now without him. However, a particularly promising area for distributed accounting (DLT) technologies is user privacy and data for Internet use.

Meet the utopa. The product, which is launched today from an intimate group of network enthusiasts who call themselves The 1984 Group, is defined as an ecosystem based on a point-to-point decentralized network (P2P). The manifesto and the mission of the group are direct but strong. Declaration "No one can control the Internet", written large, is not a comment but a threat. The governments, the group alleges, have prepared themselves to take illegal and unethical measures to achieve the goal of "the complete supremacy of information throughout the world."

These governments, along with hackers and marketing agencies, are in the group's sights as the most interested parties in acquiring all their data. You have nothing to hide? Everyone hides something, the group argues, hence the name 1984. "This data is gold and the Internet is its gold mine," they add.

As a result, the Utopia software is equipped with several features aimed at security, anonymity and total privacy. Its design, based on the decentralized P2P network, is twofold: it guarantees the total freedom of the users and completely cancels the risk of blocking the network. By not using any central server to store and transmit data, Utopia users are the only ones involved in data transmission as nodes of the Utopia P2P network.

The Utopia ecosystem is designed for widespread use, combining a large number of applications for daily use. This includes encrypted instant messenger (uMessenger), email client without spam (uMail), electronic wallet (uWallet), private browser (Idyll), file and map manager. Everything is backed with a combination of AES256 and Curve25519 encryption. As a result, each action that a user performs in the ecosystem is encrypted by default and stored in a container of encrypted files only on the user's device.

In addition, and as part of uWallet, Utopia has integrated an internal removable cryptocurrency, called Crypton (CRP). The ecosystem rewards users with Cryptons, accredited every 15 minutes if a user remains online and participates in data transmission, which supports the stability and speed of the Utopia P2P network. The power and speed of the miner can be increased without limits by running mining bots on other devices.

The ecosystem has also been created with developers in mind, both from an integration and monetization perspective. With regard to integration, developers simply open an account like any other user, before following the software API guide to find instructions, options and integration possibilities. Utopia Network makes it possible to host websites with just a few clicks, with the Idyll browser immediately used to browse websites hosted on Utopia Network. As a result, developers manage to increase their monetization by involving users of the ecosystem. In other words, nobody stays out of the game. "

With the developers helping to provide the power to keep the system running, the goal is to create a group of technologists and tech supporters with like-minded ideas that want to create a "self-regulated society" and protect their digital rights.

"The software that can guarantee total privacy and anonymity, which focuses on freedom of expression and human rights, is scarce," says the group. "In a world full of censorship and vigilance, a group of technology enthusiasts with a common ideology proposed the mission of bringing the revolution to some industries, including instant messaging and online communication, data security, encryption and transmission, cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies. And they have succeeded. "

Do you want to see if you agree? Get more information about Utopa by visiting website.

Editor's Note: The Utopia client is now available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Mobile applications will be launched in 2020.

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