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Top 3 MoviePass alternatives you can use

After its launch, MoviePass quickly becomes a very lucrative service for its customers. If you have never heard of this service in any way, MoviePass basically allows users to watch a movie per day for free, at the theater of their choice, for a nominal monthly subscription fee of $ 9.99 / month. While the service became instantly popular, it has faced controversy since the day it was launched. Recently, MoviePass ran out of money and failed to comply with payments to merchants, which caused a service interruption. The future of MoviePass certainly seems a bit grim and we don't blame you if you're worried. While we can't solve MoviePass's problems, we can provide some relief to our readers by presenting the list of the best MoviePass alternatives they can use to watch their favorite movies in theaters.

The best MoviePass alternatives you can use

1. AMC Stubs A-List

AMC runs the largest theater chain in the world and the company has been a very vocal critique of MoviePass from the beginning. AMC sees MoviePass as a virus for its business, as it reduced ticket prices to a point where it was not sustainable for the business. To fight the growing popularity of MoviePass, AMC launched its own subscription service, which by the way is the best MoviePass alternative you can use. For a subscription price of $ 19.95 / month, customers can watch 3 movies per week .

The best part about using this service is that, unlike MoviePass, it has no restrictions on the type of rooms it can go to. You can watch movies in any cinema, be it an IMAX, a RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema or any other . This is a great advantage over MoviePass, since the latter only includes basic 2D movie theaters. Even better is the fact that you can book tickets in advance, watch multiple movies in one day and even get a 10% discount on food and drinks. I mean, even if MoviePass continues to exist, for me, AMC Stubs' A-List seems to bring many more privileges and advantages and is certainly a better service.

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2. SiNEMiA

SiNEMia is not your normal movie subscription service such as MoviePass or AMC Stubs A-List, however, it allows users to watch a movie at cheaper prices. In essence, the service has less to do with the subscription and more with the purchase of tickets at a cheaper price when you buy it in advance. The service has three different levels. You can pay $ 3.99 / month for a single ticket, $ 7.99 / month for two tickets, $ 9.99 for two lite tickets and $ 13.99 / month for three tickets . Once you have subscribed, you can watch any movie in any movie theater without any blocking day. This means that you can also watch new movies on opening weekends. That said, as in MoviePass, classical plans restrict it to normal 2D theaters. If you want to watch 3D movies and use premium movie theaters like IMAX, you must opt ​​for the $ 9.99 or $ 13.99 plan.

A unique thing that SiNEMia offers is its family plans that allow two people to watch a movie together . Family plans start at $ 7.99 / month, which includes a ticket. To get more tickets, you can use your most expensive plans, including the $ 15.99 / month ($ 19.99 / month for lite) and $ 29.99 / month plans, which will give you two and three tickets respectively. This is a very good option for anyone who doesn't like to go to the movies alone.

Now that you know what the service offers, let's take a look at the existing restrictions. The first and greatest restriction is the fact that Even when you pay for higher plans, you are eligible to watch IMAX or 3D movies on just one of those tickets . Another big restriction is that you cannot buy more than three tickets in a month with a single account. Also, you can't watch two movies the same day. These restrictions make this service a little less lucrative, however, your family plan makes it worth checking.