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The Xiaomi folding video prototype

The fashion of folding smartphones is spreading through the best known brands little by little. Samsung is the one who has opened this pandora box and surely this year we will have more than one device that has this feature in its structure.

At the beginning of the year on Twitter a video showed a folding device that was supposedly from Xiaomi according to the customization layer that was displayed on its screen. Now it is confirmed that it was indeed a prototype of this Chinese giant.

It has been through a video on the same social network that this terminal has been seen again, only now it is in the account of Donovan Sung Xiaomi Product Manager ; in this you see the Xiaomi founder and president, Lin Bin Handle the foldable smartphone.

About the phone we can not say much besides that it can be folded at the ends and that it has a fairly wide screen. Because it is a prototype we believe that it does not present at the moment camera in the rear or front.

It could be that in the Mobile World Congress Let us know more about this new Xiaomi, but at the moment the information of the videos is all that you have. Donovan Sung questions his followers to name the prototype. How will you put it? Djalo in the comment box below and let's see how creative the community gets.

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