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The phones that could be a great success in 2020

This year smartphone manufacturers have given us pleasant surprises. Google finally dared with a mid-range phone that was very well received, Huawei showed us the power it has in photography, Xiaomi launched equipment with an incredible cost / benefit ratio, and OnePlus made it clear that you can have a very phone powerful without paying a fortune.

For this reason we are going to look a little forward and explain what it looks like we will see in 2020 by several companies, which will probably have very interesting releases that go beyond the classic phones that are presented year by year.

iPhone without ports

It is a reality that each iPhone is a success year after year, however, several rumors suggest that in 2020 Apple breaks the conservative scheme that has led in recent years, because it will launch its first iPhone without a charging port, that is, without lightning input.

This iPhone will be top, that is, it will have the same specifications as the most advanced model, which will include 5G connectivity. On the other hand, bet fully on wireless charging and the bluetooth connection for headphones.

Apple will be working on an experimental iPhone that will not have a charging port

The iPhone without ports will be experimental, perhaps with limited units and with a much more select launch, but that does not mean that it will be one of the most interesting releases that we could see next year.

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<h2>OnePlus 8 Lite</h2>
<p>In recent days there has been talk of a <strong>OnePlus 8 lite</strong>, a phone that is a high-end economic that remain very focused on having the best of OnePlus but with a lower price. </p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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It is likely that this device has fewer cameras or a smaller battery, but it is said that its screen will be top, will have the best Qualcomm processor and will be very focused on great performance and speed.

And if OnePlus phones are already highly recommended for their performance and price, a competitive team at a high mid-range price will be almost impossible to resist buying.

Pixel 4a

As I mentioned, the Pixel 3It was undoubtedly the best Google phone of this year, because despite being a mid-range, the truth is that it had the same camera of Pixel 3 but with a much lower price, something that certainly gave great value to this device.

With the Pixel 4s the company will be able to ensure great sales if you bet again to include the dual camera of the Pixel 4 along with its additions, I even dare to say that if it keeps the camera formula and price attractive, the Pixel 4a does not need to have a great design or a great autonomy to be a sper sales, just offer the best Android experience to sell alone.

Also, some rumors suggest that it is probably with the Pixel 4s when Google dares to reach other markets in the world, especially Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

Surface duo

The best of Android and Microsoft, as was the company of Redmond described this device that was presented this 2019 but that reach the market until 2020, and which mark the return of Microsoft to the world of smartphones after the failure with Nokia and Windows Phone