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The OPPO R17 poses in real photos with a surprise under the screen

The OPPO R17 is already sticking the leg in the networks with various leaks, and it seems that it comes with important developments. According to some images coming from TENAA, the certification agency famous for its leaks, we will not only see an R17 with notch and fingerprint reader on the screen but an additional phone that we don't know much more about.

Notch and fingerprint reader under the screen: this is OPPO R17

As usual in TENAA, the images are not sharp enough to distinguish the overall design of the phone. But deducing quickly, we realize several details, such as the notch and the integration of the fingerprint reader under the screen, which is finally being institutionalized.

The OPPO R17 poses in real photos with notch and fingerprint reader on screen

We start with the OPPO R17, and we see a design that is not far from what we have already seen in the R15 and R15 Pro. We distinguish a unibody body with a completely black front. Seeing what happened with the OPPO F9 and its notch In the form of a drop, we could be faced with the same kind of grimace on the screen as to why lie, it is much more aesthetic than the classic of a lifetime.

We do not see a fingerprint reader under the double camera arranged vertically, and that makes us think only of one thing: A fingerprint reader under the screen. The OPPO Rs are not low-end devices, so the absence of the reader in the case of not having it on the screen would be a wrong decision, and also, being that it is not the only OPPO device that has passed through TENAA, no There is another option.

The OPPO R17 poses in real photos with notch and fingerprint reader on screen

In the following image we see another very similar OPPO, although with a clear difference: the fingerprint reader in this case is under the camera. This would confirm not only that it is an alternate version of R17, but which will be the first smartphone of the company that the reader will have under the screen. Could this be a variant with the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 710?

There is not much more data apart from relying on the R15. We could assume a screen larger than 6 inches and an amperage that exceeds 3300 mAh with fast charging, but there has not been much more data. As usual, we must remind you that this is filtered and unofficial information, so you have to take it with the corresponding tweezers.