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The iPhone XR dethrones the iPhone 7 and becomes the most popular

iPhone XR red

It can be said that, in its official launch, the iPhone 7 was one of the most disappointing products that Apple has presented in recent years. It was not a matter of the number of novelties that come with it, but what I left behind. Then, users were more aware of the loss of the audio jack and the start button with 3D Touch than of the changes it introduced as the new dual camera of the Plus version. And that without counting on the problems that gave the version in bright black.

However, when a year later the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X appeared, the iPhone 7 stopped looking like such a bad option. In comparison, the differences between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 were practically minimal, beyond the processor and the wireless charge. And for many, just not worth paying more to get the iPhone 8 when they will have a similar experience with the iPhone 7, or even better if they are made with the iPhone 7 Plus. Thanks to this, the iPhone 7 became the most popular of the line.

Until now, this phone has managed to keep its throne intact, remaining ahead of the new models that have been appearing with the design of the iPhone X. However, according to
MixPanel has recently been overtaken by an unexpected contender, the iPhone XR. This successful model, powered by Christmas sales, has managed to outperform iPhone 7 in popularity, becoming 11.8% in the most common model among the millions of iPhone users worldwide.


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Again, it can be said that the story is quite similar to that of the iPhone 7. And for many users, there is not a remarkable enough leap like to jump from iPhone XR to iPhone 11, at least leaving the camera section aside. Therefore, many have opted for what is already the most popular phone on the iPhone line.