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The folding iPhone: Features, date, design and everything we know

A concept of a folding iPhone or iPad, according to Let's Go Digital

Let's Go Digital

Apple will be working on a folding iPhone with functions similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, according to several reports and various patents in the name of the American company.

The iPhone manufacturer has not officially announced its plans for a cell phone that can be doubled as a wallet and that can go from being an iPhone to a body similar to an iPad, or vice versa, but the evidence suggests that this product is in the Cupertino oven.

Apple will be waiting for the technology, hardware and software to mature before entering this market in which some participants are offering their first products but with a bittersweet experience. According to an analyst, this Folding iPhone will arrive sometime in 2020, coinciding with the change of cycle of the iPhone and that will have drastic changes in the design.

The analyst quoted by CNBC says that Apple is talking to suppliers in Asia to get the necessary components for this folding phone. LG could be one of the manufacturers of the screen as flexible as a sheet of paper for Apple's iPhone.

Samsung will already be proclaimed by sending Apple a prototype of its folding screen and show your potential. Samsung would like to be an Apple screen provider in case it decides to create a folding cell phone. Samsung is already a provider of OLED displays on the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

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A foldable iPhone design that appears in an Apple patent.

Patently Apple

All patents are quite abstract with the illustrations that accompany the documentation, but in most cases a design is very similar to what the Galaxy Fold or the Mate X offers, even the Xiaomi folding cell phone: a body of About 5 inches that can be opened to have a screen of about 7 inches.

Some patents describe an iPhone with OLED screen and made of nitinol, a nickel alloy and titanium, a very flexible material. Apple will also be investigating the use of fans and heaters to mitigate high and low temperatures, an aspect that will especially affect flexible screens.

Folding phones are costing around US $ 2,000 and being familiar with Apple prices, do not expect anything below that figure. For now, there are no rumors or reliable information that suggests even a possible price, but expect something above US $ 2,000 at least there is time to save.

Corning, supplier of Apple, already works in folding glass

John Bayne of Corning said that folding glass goes against the laws of physics, but his company is literally shaping them.

Samsung offers Apple and Google Galaxy Fold technology

According to ET News, Samsung sent its rivals a sample of its screen so that, in case of wanting a phone like the Fold, Samsung manufactures the flexible panel.

Apple wants to create a tough flexible iPhone

A patent shows an iPhone that can mitigate high or low temperatures, an aspect that will especially affect flexible screens.

Steve Wozniak wants a folding iPhone

In an interview with Bloomberg, Apple's co-founder describes himself worried about the lack of leadership of the manufacturer in the field of flexible cell phones.

Apple will be working on a folding iPhone

The Cupertino company filed a patent application showing the concept of a folding cell phone.

Apple updates foldable phone patent

The details arrive on time to compare them with the Samsung Galaxy X phone that will be released next week.

Apple patents a flexible screen that hides the buttons and speakers

The patent mentions the placement of the components under the screen and thus facilitate the flexibility of the screen. Touch feedback is also described.

The iFold is coming! Apple launch a folding phone in 2020

An analyst quoted by CNBC says that the phone can be used as a tablet when it is unfolded. Apple will already be in deals with suppliers in Asia.

The folding iPhone is mentioned again in Apple patents

The patent describes a device, whose body could bend.

Apple, with LG's help, create a foldable iPhone

The Investor says that Apple does not trust Samsung for fear of leaking secret information about this phone that will compete with an alleged folding Note 9.