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The Elder Scrolls Legends no longer receive more updates

The Elder Scrolls Legends

Bethesda has announced that it will cease the development of new updates and content to The Elder Scrolls: Legends. So, although it is present in the Google Play Store for a while, we can say that officially a game that came to try to harm Blizzard's Hearthstone has died.

At a time when card games are booming, Bethesda has decided that it does not deserve the effort of having a team that is able to create new content to one of the few games that you have in the Google Play Store. This does not mean that we are able to play online and continue to receive the monthly rewards, but let's forget about new content.

One of Bethesda's few runs out of updates


Bethesda is a great company that is characterized by launching few games to the market, but in each of them it puts all the meat on the grill so that they are almost some legends of gaming. We talked about the saga The Elder Scrolls to give an example. This saga has two titles right now, one, and of which we speak and is a card game, and the other that launched not many months ago to get into the direct action of an RPG.

The card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends was announced at E3 2015, just a year after the launch of Blizzard's Hearthstone, and it arrived in open beta in 2016. And although this card game had all the “lore” of Elder Scrolls, it was not known to take advantage of the pull of this genre so as not to break into any of the ways he did the Blizzard game.


Already last year the VP of Marketing of Bethesda stated in an interview that the game was a bit "stopped" in terms of numbers of players, but with the arrival of the title to consoles they would help increase that number. Now we have to know that The Elder Scrolls: Legends has not reached consoles and from here that today we are talking about the settlement by Betheda with it.

Bad decisions?


If we look back, and we don't have to go far, we have a recent expansion that arrived in September of this year: Jaws of Oblivion. He received his criticism from the Elder Scrolls: Legends player community by maintaining that he broke the core of the game, by allowing players to invoke the Oblivion Bridges that allows them to attack opponents with a legion of got damn.

Even so, and with the expansion generating some “broken” combos, The Elder Scrolls: Legends continues being a title that offers a great experience. We'll see if even without expansions the game continues to welcome new players wanting to try another RPG card game. You never know if increasing the number of players, Bethesda decides to retake the project and feed those hungry mouths with new updates and content.

The Elder Scrolls

What is very clear that an RPG card game without new content there comes a time that has an end and the player can be coaxed by other titles in which fresh new content arrives every few weeks.