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TGAs 2019: Weird West action RPG revealed by Dishonored & Prey developers

TGAs 2019: Weird West action RPG revealed by Dishonored & Prey developers – TecNoticias, your information portal

WolfEye Studios has presented its new action RPG Weird West during The Game Awards. It is the first project of the new study and is developed in the supernatural Wild West. You can include the game on Steam's wish list. Watch the game in the trailer here! [/ embed]

The TGA last night had a lot of new game revelations, more information about anticipated titles and even a console revelation, but one game that could have gone unnoticed for many players is Weird West. Developed by the newly formed WolfEye studios, Weird West takes action in action RPG to the brutal and lawless border of the United States. But unlike the more realistic games of the Wild West, here is a supernatural turn.

Survive and discover the mysteries of the strange west through the intertwined destinies of their unusual heroes in an immersive simulator of the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey. Discover a dark fantasy that is reinvented in the Wild West, where men of the law and gunmen share the border with fantastic creatures. Travel through the origin stories of a group of attic heroes, written in legend by the decisions you make in a relentless land. Each trip is unique and adapts to the actions taken: a series of high-risk stories where everything counts and the world reacts to the decisions you make. Form a gang or venture alone in the confines of another Weird West world and make each legend yours.

What should also make you remember the game is who are the developers. WolfEye Studios was founded by former Arcane Studios developers who co-created the excellent immersion simulators Dishonored and Prey. So, the pedigree for a special role-playing game is definitely here. At the moment, the launch window is not mentioned nor to which platforms to go Weird West. Be sure to watch for more news in the future.

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