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Telltale returns with the wolf between us 2

Telltale, as we know it, has undergone significant changes, but the band is rejoining to begin work on The Wolf Among Us 2 for PC (as exclusive to the Epic Games Store) and consoles.

The game was announced tonight at The Video Game Awardsand directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart, the writer Pierre Shorette and others of the first title are working on the second season of the series. The developers are apart from AdHoc Studio, listed as co-developers for the game, focusing on its history and film direction.

Also returning voice actors Adam Harrington (Bigby) and Erin Yvetter (Snow), who can be heard in advance, as well as composer Jared Emerson-Johnson. Telltale and AdHoc say the second season has a greater focus on Bigby and Snow, and it takes place in Fabletown.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is still at an early stage of production and AdHoc is still recruiting, so there is no release time in sight. Telltale says that the story is still "told in episodes," even if it is determined how they will be released.