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T-Mobile: Get an iPhone XR when redeeming an old iPhone, but …


The iPhone XR

Angela Lang / CNET

T-Mobile launched Wednesday a very tempting promotion: get a iPhone XR If you redeem an old iPhone.

The iPhone XR was launched last year with the iPhone XS and the XS Max as the cheapest of the three. According to the analysis of CNET in Spanish, the iPhone XR has many of the characteristics of its most expensive relatives and a very durable battery and "it is the ideal cell phone for the user who lives in the Apple ecosystem and now has to update, but not wants to spend $ 1,000 or more. "

So this promotion falls like a ring to the finger. But not everything is as good as it sounds. Therefore, this is what you should keep in mind.

First of all, you don't get a free phone. Instead, you are reimbursed US $ 750 over 36 months. This results in about US $ 20.84 per month, each month from now until March 2022.

Second, to qualify to take the iPhone XR, you have to activate two service lines with T-Mobile.

Third, you have to have a phone that qualifies and is in good condition to redeem. These are the valid models for this promotion:

The promotion of T-Mobile is limited time and while supplies last.

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