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Street View, Navigate the World with this New iPad Application

Street View is an iPad application that integrates the famous good work of Google's action with the Maps application on your iPad. You can walk anywhere in the world and see the streets and monuments in the first person. The best thing is that you don't have to do any cumbersome step, you can use your ‘Maps’ application and move with simple multi-touch gestures. A completely new application with which you can get where you are. If you prefer to continue using the Apple application to enjoy your maps you can use Street View.

Street View, the perfect iPad application with which you can navigate anywhere in the world

Street View is an application that allows you to use the famous Google feature on your iPad. Best of all, it is fully integrated with the native iOS application and you can use all the functions that ‘Maps’ offers you, place markers, guide you to a destination, etc …

As soon as you open the application, you will see the Apple maps, with all their functions. Now you will simply have to place a marker in the place you want to visualize with Street View and if the point is covered with this function you will enjoy this wonderful view.

Getting around the application is very simple, multi-touch gestures always help and pinching we can zoom to zoom in or out. With a finger we will direct the view towards the street or monument we want. You can orient yourself in a matter of seconds!

The Street View app not only allows you to navigate the streets, but also you can enter more than 300 places around the world such as galleys, museums, ski resorts, etc. You will also have a special view as a map so you do not get lost inside the museums.

The new Street View application for iPad is a real wonder and completely perfect for anyone who wants to continue using the iOS Maps application. The best feature lies in the possibility of using all the functions of your native navigation application by adding this new view. You can place yourself anywhere in the world and enter galleries and museums and enjoy the works inside. Street View is a universal application and you can use it on your iPad and your iPhone, it is also optimized for the larger screen of the iPhone 5. Have you already downloaded it? What do you think?