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Samsung redesigns its music application integrating Spotify

The samsung mobiles They have always been deeply customized, both at the interface level and with the huge number of applications that come standard. This can be an inconvenience since too many apps eat space and resources, but they also offer a value added on other mobiles that come with the right thing. The music application is an example: why use another if Samsung Music Is it more than good?

With Samsung Music, the application that comes by default in Samsung phones, the owners of one of these smartphones have access to the reproduction of their local files as well as the creation of lists and favorites. That so far since Samsung Music receives a profound update that not only improves its design, but also Integrate Spotify into the options.

Samsung Music now offers Spotify recommendations within the music application

Samsung redesigns its music application integrating Spotify

It is one of the main novelties and the most striking: from Samsung Music we can access the great successes of Spotify clicking on any of the lists already created. Although at the moment nothing more since we can not import the customized lists to Samsung Music nor play them from there: when we click on any of the icons we will jump to the own application of Spotify.

The integration between the app and the streaming platform has taken a first step with the update of Samsung Music, hopefully later allow the playback of Spotify songs within the Samsung music application. While that time comes, Music users will also appreciate the complete redesign of the application.

Samsung redesigns its music application integrating Spotify

The new style of Samsung Music It is more minimalist and simple, perfect to offer the key options of the reproduction maintaining direct accesses to the different sections as upper tabs. We can create favorites with our local music, create playlists or give the play of all the songs we have stored: Samsung Music will play them by highlighting the track at the bottom of the application.

The latest version of Samsung Music, which corresponds to the number, is now available for download from the store Galaxy Apps: you just have to click on this link from your Samsung mobile. If you prefer to install the Apk you can go to this page of Sam Mobile. Samsung Music is only compatible with the phones of this manufacturer: The music player does not work on other Android.