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Samsung Internet expands support for extensions on your devices

Samsung Internet

Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung makes available to any Android user, some of the applications that it includes natively in its terminals. One of them, Samsung Interne, has shown be one of the most popular applications on Android, not only between the terminals of the Korean company.

Far from abandoning the development of this fantastic browser, Samsung continues to improve it by adding new features, some of which are not available in Chrome and other popular browsers available on Android. With the release of version 11.0, Samsung allows us to install other types of extensions.

Virtually since its launch, Samsung Internet has limited the installation of extensions to advertising blockers mainly. Starting now, we will also be able to add web extensions, a standard used by many Chrome and Firefox extensions.

While the extensions offered by Samsung Internet were accessible directly from the browser, the new extensions are only available through the Galaxy Store, thus limiting their use to the terminals manufactured by the company. But the limitation goes further, since Android 10 is also required to install them.

This additional requirement further limits the new function within the company itself, since although there are many terminals that are about to upgrade to Android 10, None of them have done it officially yet.

Samsung Internet is not the only Android browser that allows you to install extensions, an option that It is also available in both Firefox and Kiwi. A few months ago, Samsung Internet exceeded 1000 million downloads, showing that it is not any browser and that both the options offered and its performance are very good, and to which we have to add the possibility of installing extensions.

Samsung Internet is available for your download for free and contains no ads, beyond those that we will be able to find on the websites we visit, ads that we can block using extensions.

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