Samsung bets on the Internet of Things with its SmartThings

Samsung bets on the Internet of Things with its SmartThings

Samsung took advantage of its press conference at the IFA 2015 consumer technology fair in Berlin, to unveil how the Internet of Things (IoT by its acronym in English) is changing from being a simple theory to a reality, They themselves contribute to this project and presented several devices that nourish the IoT ecosystem.

“For Samsung, the IFA 2015 edition revolves around IoT. We are sure that the Internet of Things will revolutionize the world of consumer electronics and this is our opportunity for consumers to know how far we have come in just one year ”, Dr W.P. Hong, Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics.

Smart Home Monitor and Smarthings Hub They are 2 of the devices presented by the South Korean and takes care of your home, basically it is a system that allows you to monitor what is happening in your home no matter where you are, the Home Monitor can also receive information from several cameras and has a backup of up to 10 hours with a battery in the house of energy loss.

On the other hand, Samsung also presented a very curious device that helps you monitor your sleep hours, the Sleepsense It has multiple sensors to detect our movements, heart rate and respiratory rate that helps the user to better understand and manage their sleep.

samsung slepp sense

“Samsung's main objective is to investigate and observe the day-to-day life of users and look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways to enrich their experiences, according to herDr W.P. Hong This philosopheraade-It will not change, as we are leading a path towards a smarter, more connected and more human future.

Samsung WW8500 AddWash it's the first washing machine from the world that allows users to add new dirty clothes at any time during the washing cycle, thanks to its innovative Add Door design.

Also Samsung WW8500 AddWash incorporates various intelligent functions, which work with both Android smartphones or other operating systems. This not only makes it easy to monitor the progress of the washing program, but also offers the option to notify users on their own telephone just before starting a new phase of the washing cycle. In addition, its SuperSpeed ​​cycle, which allows you to wash a normal load in less than an hour, helps users get faster and better laundry results.

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