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Ring Master, the app to control the volume and vibration of calls

Volume control on Android P DP2

Receive a call in the middle of the night when you have the volume activated It can be a real annoyance, That's why we want to talk about Ring Master, an app that allows you to control both that volume and the vibration of your mobile ringtones.

Among the interesting options of this practical application we find one that reminds us of the gradual ringing of Google, a very useful function that you would like to enable from now on. We don't wait any longer to introduce you Ring Master, the application to adjust the volume to your liking of your phone calls.

Ring Master, the app to control volume and vibration of calls

The gradual ringing of Google that we were talking about consists of a 5-second vibration that gives way to a ringtone whose volume is gradually increasing for 10 seconds. If you don't have a Google Pixel in your hands, don't worry, because you can enable this gradual bell very useful thanks to the Ring Master application.

As explained in its description, Ring Master increases your ringtone gradually so you can avoid scares when listening to loud ringtones. From the Settings section of the application, you can enable ?Vibrate First? option and choose for how many seconds you want the phone to vibrate before the ringtone sounds.

Once the vibration is set, you can control the tone volume settings from ?Ringer Control?. By activating this function, you can also select how the volume should increase progressively and how many seconds must pass before it reaches 100%.

Ring Master App, control volume and call vibration

In case you disable the ?Ringer Control? option, the mobile will vibrate first and then ring the ringtone with the default settings of your phone. If at any time you want to suspend the functions of Ring Maker, just click on the power button that appears on the main screen. When you want to activate them again, select the same button again.

In addition, you should know that from the ?Adjust Ringer Volume For? option you can control the volume of calls from other applications, like WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram, using the ?Other calling apps? function. In this way, the vibration will also appear first and then the gradual ringing when you receive audio or video calls through these platforms.

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In summary, Ring Maker is a very practical (and free) application that allows you to have more options when it comes to controlling the volume and vibration of your mobile ringtones. If you want to innovate even more, you can always get Get, the smart bracelet with which you can answer and listen to calls only with your finger.

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