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Pros and cons of these devices


Low cost tablets: Pros and cons of these devices

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March 29, 2016

Chuwi Hi12 windows 10 features

The tablets have become essential supports in the lives of millions of users worldwide. The appearance of these platforms has transformed the consumer electronics sector by offering an intermediate terminal between smartphones and computers that is capable of offering the best functions of each other. Although we currently attend a context marked by the saturation of the market, and some fatigue on the part of consumers unable to quickly absorb some models that come to market very frequently, the range of alternatives at our disposal, does not stop increase.

As we mentioned on other occasions, we can find terminals from hundreds of firms that offer a wide variety of prices ranging from 35 euros approximately, up to several thousand in the case of the most exclusive. This situation results in that, in many cases, it is complicated to choose which device can be more useful, so acquire a new tablet It must be an action that we must meditate before. Currently, we are looking for economic devices but, at the same time, they offer us acceptable benefits, since the general line that brands have followed in recent years, focuses on marketing terminals with a good relationship between quality and price through a improvement of its characteristics, without this impacting too much on the price but, what advantages and disadvantages has the fact of acquiring a low cost tablet? Here are a series of aspects to consider when buying one of these devices.

Amazon Fire HD 6

Red lines

Regardless of the range of our future device, there are some basic features that should not be taken lightly when buying a new terminal. Among the most prominent, we mention a resolution of screen that does not lower 1024 × 768 pixels, especially if we are going to use it for the reproduction of audiovisual content, a autonomy what don't descend of the 6 hours, and a capacity of storage above 16 GB. As we have mentioned on other occasions, we must be very clear on what uses we will use our tablet, so reviewing its specifications is very important.

The advantages

– Design

Although the plastic and the mixture of this material with others, still have an important role when it comes to forming the housings of a large number of models, we attend two relevant facts: On the one hand, a finishes improvement which translates into a more comfortable grip and a better adaptation to our hands, and on the other, to a decrease of its dimensions but especially of its weight, thanks to the reduction of internal components.

spc glee 10.1 screen

– Screen

Without a doubt, the most prominent part of these platforms since through the panels we perform all the tasks. In recent years we have witnessed not only an improvement in resolutions that, however, also brings an increase in the consumption of resources, but also, a resistance increase of the screens thanks to the incorporation of reinforcement technologies such as Dragontrail or more widely, Corning Gorilla Glass, regardless of their generation. In the case of all terminals, including low cost ones, this translates into an extension of their useful life.

– Connectivity

He 4G still prevailing day after day. This means that more and more manufacturers decide to incorporate in their devices the compatibility with this type of connections to guarantee users the maximum possible speed. The low cost tablets They do not escape this fact and, currently, it is possible to find many devices that support this type of networks next to others such as 3G and WiFi.

LG G Pad 8.0 4G with Orange

– Price

This aspect is one of the ones we consider the most when acquiring new terminals. By less than 200 euros, it is possible to find good models with characteristics that, despite not being the best, do allow us a good experience of use at least, for leisure.

– Dual boot

Finally, we highlight a trend that has been losing popularity in recent months but that can be attractive and useful for many: The existence of Android and Windows within the same device that tries to offer the best of both interfaces to users in an attempt to combine the productivity offered by Redmond's software with the large number of applications available for the green robot system.

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<h2>The inconveniences</h2>
<h2>– Memory and processors</h2>
<p>Although we are witnessing a slow but steady improvement in performance on most tablets, including the cheapest ones, there are important differences between the most affordable and the most expensive models. In the case of memory and internal storage, low cost devices do not work out too well since many do not usually reach <strong>2 GB of RAM</strong> and his <strong>capacity</strong>, rarely rises from <strong>16 or 32 GB</strong>. Modest figures if we consider that many smartphones already exceed these parameters. On the other hand, despite the fact that low-cost terminals have burst at high speed and with force in the market, they continue to drag some inconveniences in the field of<strong> speed</strong>where do we find<strong> chips</strong> which in some cases, have<strong> frequencies</strong> maximums of <strong>1 or 1.2 Ghz</strong>. On the other hand, these components also suffer from other problems such as <strong>overheating</strong> and malfunctions that cause unexpected closures.</p>
<h2>– Outdated operating system</h2>
<p>Little by little we are attending the<strong> incorporation</strong> progressive of <strong>Android 6.0</strong>, while previous versions, <strong>5 and 5.1</strong>, already have a large number of users. Nevertheless, <strong>others like 4.2 and 4, or even earlier</strong>, are still very present, especially in the cheapest terminals, and currently occupy an important market share. With these softwares, we not only miss the latest improvements in terms of customization or handling but also, we are more exposed to the attacks and security threats that are solved, in large part with the new versions.</p>
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– Connectivity

What we previously mentioned as one of the strengths of low cost tablets also supposes one of its most important disadvantages since, although many already incorporate 4G connections, there is still a considerable number of devices that either only support 3G and WiFi or, in other cases, they are only capable of supporting a single network.

– Autonomy

Finally, we comment on a feature that despite being pending improvement in almost all models, regardless of their manufacturer, range, or specifications, becomes more apparent in cheaper terminals. In these cases, we find batteries of dimensions reduced that are not able to withstand intensive use and that in some cases, can wear out completely at 2-3 hours with actions such as video playback or game execution.