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Pkmon GO will soon have Pokmon exchange, but in a limited way

We will soon have Pokémon exchange in the Pokémon GO game, but the option will only be available to those players who are nearby.

The news follows its course in Pokémon GO, one of the games that has raised the most expectations in the last year. Nintendo is today partying with the Nintendo Switch output, and soon we will be celebrating all the players of the most famous game in augmented reality. The Pokémon exchange is here already, but it will have limitations.

We can exchange Pokémon, but only with players who are close

Pokémon GO will release Pokémon exchange very soon, but will be limited

It is quite logical and something that follows the guidelines of the game consoles: as in the old Game Boy with its connection cable, the possibility of marketing will only be available for coaches who are nearby. In the words of Tatsuo Nomura, senior product manager of Pokémon GO, the company does not want it to become an online game that allows virtual exchanges.

Niantic does not want coaches to trade with Pokémon, something that is common in the online game

Niantic has always put emphasis on spurring the player to go out, move and meet other people. In the same line would be the future update, with an added point: there are Pokémon that are only found in certain areas, so just being physically there can you market with trainers who have captured it.

Pokémon GO will release Pokémon exchange very soon, but will be limited

In addition, coaches who play in rural areas and away from large cities will have it easier thanks to the changes introduced recently. Tatsuo comments that they have updated Pokémon GO data so that more Pokémon come out in remote areas and thus reward local players.

You can now customize your avatar

This change was expected since the last update, and is now available: you can dress your avatar the way you want. Or you can, that each garment is worth a fortune. From pants to sunglasses: you just have to click on the coach, then in the menu on the right and in ¬ęCustomize¬Ľ.

Small minor changes that do not end up regaining the attention of millions of players who left the game. The future exchange of Pokémon will be an interesting addition, but Pokémon GO needs major changes to place it at a level close to the one in the console franchise.