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Myths about the new fashion in autonomous


Quick load: Myths about the new fashion in autonomous

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March 21, 2016

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Fast charging technologies have been stomping in recent months despite the existence of brands that have been incorporating it gradually into their models for more than a year. Currently, many manufacturers develop some of them, with which they try to solve a historical lack of autonomy and common to all firms that, along with other improvements, intend to extend the life of the terminals. At the same time, with this feature, we try to maximize the battery life as soon as we disconnect our tablets and smartphones, thanks to other elements that we also find in components such as the operating system, or processors, and that are based on more efficient management as well as saving resources as much as possible.

However, the consolidation of this recharge system is not perfect, and in many cases, the experiences, good or bad, of thousands of users with them, once again give rise to dozens of rumors and false beliefs about the advantages and Disadvantages of using it. Then we tell you the myths more widespread on the fast charge, and we also tell you the affirmations that they are true about this characteristic to clear all doubts about something that has come to stay and to gain more and more followers.

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1. Goodbye to the battery if we keep the device charging all night

We begin with this first myth that is common to all devices. The idea that the drums of our tablets and smartphones can break, and stop working if we keep the terminals connected to the current during all night If you have fast charging technology, it is wrong. The reality is that, as with models that do not have it, this component is prepared to cut off the flow of current when it is fully charged. In the case of devices equipped with it, the only difference is that the loading time be less.

2. The charger is the key element

This is another false belief since the object that actually prepares the terminals to withstand rapid loading is the processor, what decide what the limit is It can hold the battery before overheating. Therefore, the charger simply executes the order given by the chip and increases or decreases the flow of energy according to its demands.

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3. If my smartphone does not have a fast charge and I connect a charger that does, it stops working

Third, we highlight another very widespread myth, but it is not real that it is based on the compatibility. Many believe that if a terminal that does not have this feature is connected to a charger that is ready for it, the battery is disabled because it overloads before a greater current flow. This is false, since, as we mentioned before, it is the processor that decides how much current it lets through. Therefore, if we plug our smartphones into a charger ready to offer greater flows, nothing will happen, because once again, the chip will control the optimal voltage to fill the battery.

4. Does the battery life shorten?

Another widespread statement that is only half true. What we do know is that with fast charging, the current that is transferred to Battery. The truth comes from the fact that with use, this component, regardless of the time it takes to fill in, ends up wearing and presenting millimeter holes in its electrodes caused by the separation of the atoms and lithium ions, which in the long run, make useless entire sections of the same that have a faster discharge. Nevertheless, it is false that terminals with this technology have a shorter life since, as we mentioned before, as soon as Battery is full, the energy path is interrupted.

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