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Motorola RAZR, the folding format we expected

Motorola RAZR 2019

Much has been said for a long time about foldable smartphones. More so in recent months. Especially after knowing that finally, brands like Huawei and Samsung have launched to materialize and market a mobile phone that folds. But are these models what we scare?

As we have been able to experience, smartphones have not stopped growing in size for years. So much so that it is easy for a phone today to be bigger than a tablet from some season ago. Something that at the user level improves the experience. But what in terms of portability negatively affects.

The Motorola RAZR will make a large smartphone more portable

When we began to hear that several firms were working with new materials that would make it possible to fold a screen, many of us mistakenly thought. We thought that having this technology would make our generous screen phones will now take up half the space. Something that It has not been interpreted like this by Huawei or Samsung.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X have chosen to double the size of the current screens. That is, in the same space where we used to have approximately a 6-inch screen, we could now have a 12-inch screen. This is really a breakthrough, and there will be those who celebrate having such a screen on a device "so small."

Samsung Galaxy Fold

But Do not you think it is already uncomfortable to carry a current smartphone in your pants pocket? In addition, of the little we have been able to see and know about these two new devices, thickness thereof increases considerably. So, can we carry our Galaxy Fold in a pocket? If it is a negative response, does not the primitive idea of ​​a “mobile” telephone completely change?

Mate X and Galaxy Fold, bigger than necessary?

Given its dimensions and thickness, and especially the prices that will have to be paid to get one of them. We can predict that Your demand will be more limited than the manufacturers themselves could claim. The economic part is an important obstacle. But it will also matter a lot if Someone may consider it practical to carry a telephone for regular use of these conditions.

Huawei Mate X

For these circumstances, for many, see the design of what will be the new Motorola RAZR has opened a possibility to believe in the folding format. Having a smartphone with a screen more or less similar in size to what we currently have in the market. Enough for almost everything we need to do with a smartphone.

So knowing, without many more details, that The Motorola RAZR will be in much more competitive price than the aforementioned folding. That this format will make smartphones gain a lot in portability. That a smartphone with 6-inch screen will fit perfectly in any pocket. We see that RAZR can open a new concept of folding that is more similar to what the public demands.

Motorola RAZR 2019

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