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Meet the new MSI H170 / B150 Skylake motherboards for gamers

MSI has been dedicated to creating perfect weapons to dominate games at any level and proof of this are the most recent additions that the brand has made to the plate family Gaming base. This is the H170 / B150 Enthusiast, Performance and Arsenal GAMING, which complete the acclaimed line of GAMING Intel 100-series motherboards.

These new boards are ready to dominate the online battlefield, along with many unique gaming features to optimize speed, sound and stability through Gaming Lan, Audio Boost 3, USB 3.1 and Turbo M.2. With all these specifications, the new H170 and B150 Gaming M3 motherboards will guide you towards victory.

The B150A Gaming Pro with the RGB LED control and the B150M Night Elf have been added to the Performance Series Gaming line-up to offer you something unique in the market again. In the Arsenal Gaming Series are the motherboards B150M Mortar, B150M Bazooka and B150M Bazooka D3 to offer you the best while playing MOBA games.

The new MSI Enthusiast Gaming Series motherboards have been designed to offer gamers the best gaming experience through genuine design and the best functionalities designed for their needs, with the most innovative technology.

H170 Gaming M3 and B150 Gaming M3 motherboards they incorporate all the gaming features of their older brothers, from audio Boost 3 and Gaming LAN with bandwidth control to Turbo M.2 and Gaming Hotkey, which ensures you can master any game.

Play in style with the MSI Performance Gaming series

Designed to offer both a shocking experience and playability, the MSI Z170 Performance Gaming motherboard series gives you many reasons to brag about them. The new H170A Gaming Pro, B150A Gaming Pro and B150 Night Elf motherboards are among the examples.

The H170A and B150A Gaming Pro motherboards allow you to customize and show your own style with Mystic Light to change the color while offering the best gaming features with Audio Boost 3, GAMING LAN and Multi GPU capabilities to serve you in battle and offer you the best performance.

In addition to this, It is also possible to customize your PC with RGB LEDs from from mystic light. Thanks to supporting more than 16.5 million colors and various modes such as breathing, flashing and waving, Mystic Light makes you enjoy your PC and customize it to your liking. You just have to change the color to any other using the easy Mystic Light APP to make your PC look like another. With 2048 different colors and 7 different LED modes, Mystic Light offers endless possibilities for gamers to customize their equipment.

Master MOBA gaming with Arsenal Gaming motherboards

Arsenal Gaming motherboards incorporate Gaming LAN, Audio Boost, USB 3.1 and unique DDR4 Boost technology with optimized traces and a fully insulated circuit, ensuring that memory signals remain pure for perfect stability and performance. With Tomahawk, Mortar, Bazooka and Grenade motherboards each model offers its unique design, Arsenal Gaming motherboards offer gaming fun, whether online or offline.

These motherboards not only carry gaming DNA inside but also show outside. White and red LED ambient lights have been added to the motherboard to give it an incredible appearance, ready for battle. They also have Audio Boost, a high quality audio solution for gamers with isolated audio PCBs and high quality capacitors. MSI AUDIO BOOST rewards your ears with studio quality sound

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