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make them animated easily

Yes, this is another application with which edit photos. But do not think that it is one more of the bunch, of those that are limited to apply different settings automatically as a filter: with StoryZ You have an app that opens the door to the world of animated photos. Choose any point of your photography, create a composition and encourage it: the effects can be amazing.

StoryZ It is an application that you can install on your mobile to give a new look to the images. The idea is that you add animated content to the photos so that they appear in motion. But the app is not limited to superimposing an animated layer, but it offers you tools with which to animate a specific part of your image. The process is very curious.

Select an area of ??the photo, how it will move and its orientation: StoryZ will do the magic

Amazing effects for your photos: make them animated easily

Is a photography application which, despite being very simple to use, costs a bit to catch the trick. It has three basic tools: animate, stabilize and mask. With them, and marking lines and points on the image, you will get the concrete area to move in the direction you want.

It seems complicated to understand, but imagine the following example. You have the image of a waterfall and want to apply movement to the water. Just open the photo in StoryZ, apply lines of movement on the water, stabilize the part of the photograph that must remain static and finish off the work bordering with the mask. And that's it: you will have a photo with the waterfall falling as if it were live.

Amazing effects for your photos: make them animated easily

Although the results are spectacular, and you will get them with some practice, StoryZ It has a couple of drawbacks. The first is that it is an unfinished application, so it is likely to contain errors; and the second drawback is that the basic mode of use offers improved results, so, to improve the photos and remove the watermark, you have to go through the box (in subscription model).

You will leave stone with your animated photos, both in video and in Gif

With StoryZ You can export the work to your mobile gallery or share it directly. You have the option to do it on video or in animated Gif; having different qualities and sizes. With the free application the higher quality options are limited; and includes advertising and applies watermark to the results.

Amazing effects for your photos: make them animated easily

You can now download StoryZ: Although it is in beta it works correctly. We found it very powerful and versatile, we recommend you take a look.