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LG plans to launch a smartphone that is controlled without touching it

The coming is coming Mobile World Congress and one month after its beginning, the information regarding the launches of the most important companies swarms in social networks. Right now it is the case of LG that despite not giving anything more than a date and some words in a video that does not cover more than 15 seconds has managed to start speculating about what will be one of its new smartphones.

As they see it they simply say they will Add to touch next February 24 prior to the start of the MWC and do not forget to reserve the day to miss the presentation. The first thing we have all thought of is a device that will be handled completely by gestures and maybe even voice commands.

Some think that this technology is somewhat outdated because it was seen on previous smartphones without success, but we want to see the positive side of this possible return. And LG is lately working very hard on their devices and the fact that it does not currently stand out among the best high-end market is the opportunity to do it with something new.

Remember that in the CES 2019 LG talked about taking artificial intelligence to a maximum to change our daily lives opening the possibility that this smartphone controlled by gestures has the integration of AI to improve its operation in some way.

At the moment it is all the information, although hopefully somewhere in the network as is usual more data is leaked from this new LG terminal.

How do you think this device will work? Can you imagine it? Tell us your answer in the comment box, you know it is free and we like being able to live a little with the audience.

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