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LG bets for more efficiency with its new refrigerators

LG has presented in IFA 2015 your new line of refrigerators, composed of the models GBB530NSCQE, GMJ916NSHV and GMM916NSHV They have been designed for European consumers looking to maximize comfort in the kitchen.

Spokespersons from the South Korean leader have contributed the data, highlighting that these terminals offer very useful features such as exclusive Door-in-Door, which reduces the loss of cold by 41% and facilitates access to the most frequently consumed food.

Among other plus that the new ones have LG refrigerators with freezer at the bottom, those of the company have stated that they are leaders in efficiency within the Total No Frost category and as well as in the A +++ market (-20%), which is possible to the exclusive Inverter Linear Compressor compressor.

In that sense, the informants have detailed that the Inverter Linear Compressor is made up of fewer components and operates in a linear manner, which produces less internal friction, greater reliability and greater durability with a low noise level. In addition, LG relies on the durability of the compressor that is backed by a 10-year warranty and a 20-year certification.

In the tests developed by VDE, LG refrigerators proved to be approximately 32% more energy efficient and 25% quieter than non-inverters.

And continuing with the attributes of LG refrigerators, it is worth mentioning that they are the first in the world to offer a self-diagnosis, through Smart Diagnosis technology. In addition, they have different drawers that guarantee the best freshness, such as the Magic Crisper Drawer, which regulates humidity and keeps fruits and vegetables 20% cooler after 7 days.


It has Inverter Linear Compressor, energy label A +++ -20%, Total No Frost, Multi Air Flow, Smart Diagnosis, Magic Crisper drawer, folding shelf, bottle rack, LED lighting, Fresh Zone drawer, handle that facilitates opening and 10 years warranty (Inverter Linear Compressor).


It has Inverter Linear Compressor, Door-in-Door, energy label A +, Total No Frost, Multi Air Flow, Smart Diagnosis, Pure N Fresh, folding shelf, folding compartment, Extra Duo Space, LED lighting, 10 years warranty on the Inverter Linear Compressor compressor, Indoor Ice Maker door and water and ice dispenser.


It incorporates Inverter Linear Compressor, Door-in-Door, Contour Metal Door, energy label A +, Total No Frost, Multi Air Flow, Smart Diagnosis, Pure N Fresh, Extra Duo Space and folding shelf.

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