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incident notices, music control and better public transport

Google Maps has long been not only a map application, nor a simple GPS navigation system.

What is one of the best products of Google has managed to complex without becoming unusable. We see that in functions such as those presented today.

We can know in real time the setbacks that will be in our route to one place or another and find the best alternatives. Until now the service was able to show us the inconvenience that could be in a route at the time we calculated it, giving us some alternatives. Now he will do it in real time. And it is not the only improvement.

New Google Maps routes are updated in real time

With this change our way of making decisions will change completely since the system will tell us at all times if we go the best possible route to reach our destination or if it is possible to avoid any traffic jam or accident that has arisen while we were in the car.

With the latest update, Android mobile users will be able to receive real-time notifications that are used to recalculate an itinerary that we are following and that has been interrupted by some service.

We will also have the option to switch between routes on the same screen of the application, seeing in real time the duration of each journey to decide with all the available data.

These types of functions are very reminiscent of Waze, the social travel and GPS service that the company bought in 2013 and that has been giving the Google app a substantial advantage over its competitors.

Special emphasis on public transport

Another great novelty is the one that will allow Google Maps users to use public transport a lot know where is a bus that needs to take. The system will tell us in real time where the bus is and how much it takes to get to the stop we have near where we are.

This will be possible in more than 80 places around the world although the list has not yet been published. We know it will be operational at least in the United States, Canada and Australia but we do not know if it can be used in more countries. We have contacted Google Spain to know if this function will reach both our country and others in Latin America and we will update as soon as we receive an answer.

Control music in Google Maps

The latest news is very different from the previous ones. Google has decided that it is a good idea to let us control the reproduction of what we are hearing directly from the navigation of Google Maps.

Initially will be compatible with Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music and we can navigate between songs and playlists without leaving the app, something very convenient especially when we are driving.

The update will arrive this week on both Android and iOS.