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If you are YouTube Premium users you can play a free Google Home Mini

YouTube Beta

Despite Google’s different attempts to turn its smart speakers into something common to see in many homes, the race is winning her long Amazon, who precisely last week launched the renovation of much of its devices for this year, launching new models and renewing current ones.

As we can read on Reddit, some users of YouTube Premium in Germany have begun to receive promotional codes, codes that allow them to obtain a Google Home Mini for free. They just have to redeem the promotional code in the official Google store in the country.

YouTube Premium - Google home Mini

It would not be the first time that the search giant offers an incentive to the users of its services rewarding them with a Google Home Mini. A few weeks ago, some Google One users, also Europeans, began receiving promotional codes that allowed them to get a Google Home Mini for free.

If you are a YouTube Premiun user you should take a look at the application during these days to see if you have been lucky enough to receive a promotional code that allows you to get this entry model to Google's smart speakers. From Google or confirm this promotion, so it could be an extension that began a few months ago with the launch of Google One.

Google Home Mini Renewal

The new Pixel range is officially presented on October 15, reaching the fourth generation. If we listen to the latest rumors related to this device, and that we have published in Androidsis, the second generation of the Home Mini, renamed as Nest Mini for a few months, will also be released in this event.

This second generation not only will it improve the quality, but it will also integrate a motion sensor that will allow the device to detect us, thus turning on the operating controls, if we are close to the device to manage any of its functions, such as volume control.

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