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I live being another brand with a smartphone without ports or buttons

Apparently we were missing valuable information, as it turns out that the Chinese company Vivo is ahead of its competition in the output of the first smartphone without ports or buttons.

We talked yesterday about the new concept of Meizu with its Zero model and let's see how smartphone connectivity will work. Seeing now the images that have come out of this new terminal that is officially presented today and before that of Meizu we hope we are not late with this note We can say that we think alike.

The device will surely be functioning in most aspects of connectivity by wireless means Speaking of charging and headphones, with fingerprint and sound sensor under the screen that occupy almost 100% of the front. What we really do not know is where the front camera is or if it will be protected in some mechanical compartment.

The reality is that this class of smartphones will have some problems to reach markets outside of China, in my opinion. Yes, they represent innovation, but we will see little by little if more companies get on this train. It is difficult but not impossible.

Don't you think of these smartphones without ports? Leave your response in the comment box and generate debate with the community, we are reading.

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