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Huawei present its first 5G smartphone and be foldable # MWC2019

Apparently next Mobile World Congress be defined by two characteristics: 5G network and flexible screens. Samsung, Motorola and LG are expected to present smartphones with either or both.

Huawei will not be behind and get on the train. This is how the company announced it in the presentation of his new 5G module, the Balong 5000. This new chip together with Huawei's quintessential processor, the Kirin 980, managed to overcome the highest download speed in the 4.6 Gbps benchmarks with a grand total of 6.5 Gbps and now proclaims itself as the fastest chip of its kind.

Hand in hand with this information, Huawei also announced that in its next presentation in the Mobile World Congress Make your first device known with this chip and also add to the list of smartphones with foldable features. It is rumored by the networks that its appearance will be very similar to the others we have seen: a phone that folds on one side to become a kind of tablet.

It is also confirmed that a smartphone with 5G will go on sale in the middle of this year. It is not known whether to be this folding version or any other.

What do you think of foldable smartphones? Do they get your attention? Let us know what you think in the comment box, it's free.

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