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how to watch a video in a floating window

Twitter as a platform has gone from supporting independent developers to focus on making your application as complete as possible and closing the APIs so that other apps can serve as access to your service.

The positive part is that we have many functions within the official Twitter application, some of which go completely unnoticed, such as the one that allows us to watch a video embedded in a tweet in a small floating window.

This allows us to continue watching the video but navigate the application without problems, such as when we do it on the computer.

How to watch a video on a floating screen on Twitter

When we open a tweet that has a video we can click on it to open the video in full screen.

In the upper right area we have an icon that allows us to minimize playback to a window in the form of the video that will be floating on the screen.

This small window can move from one area of ??the interface to another so that we can put it where it bothers us the least. To do this click on and drag to the part where we want to place it, and there we release it.

Once that is done, we can navigate through the interface and write, mark messages as favorites, perform searches … Yes, if we click on another video, the window will close and the new one will open in full screen.

If we click on the floating window at any time we can see the video again in full screen, and close it.

Similar to Android PIP mode but it works on any mobile

This feature of the official Twitter application is very reminiscent of Android's Picture In Picture (PIP) mode, a feature that allows you to have a floating window of some apps anywhere on the interface.

But unlike the PIP function, with the Twitter application we do not have to have a mobile with Android Oreo or higher since we have tested it in a terminal with Android 7.0 Nougat and it works perfectly.